Plants and Potss is a brainchild and a baby to Mishika Khetrapal. This
green affair with plants started as a passion while in school and
later continued by conducting Terrarium Making Workshops.
Soon, it changed into a brand where we chose to inspire and plant the seeds of urban gardening and green gifting in all the lives we touched.

Most of us being urban dwellers spend more than half of our life in our apartments or office with limited access to parks and green spaces. Having lost touch with nature has made us more confined to our desks. Surrounded by screens and wires has made us more robotic and less happy. In such environments we tend to lose our creativity and sanity.

At PnP we believe that being close to nature and its creations is the best we can do for our well being. It can be as simple as having a cup of tea in our garden or practicing yoga near our plants.We strive to get the best of our knowledge and know how in terms of gardening. Making all efforts to provide you options of a sustainable living. Majorly focusing on sourcing and producing Made in India products.

Creating Terrarium

Enhance Your Room By Being A Part In Our Terrarium Workshops