Snake Plant

Snake Plant- All about it

Snake Plant whose scientific name is in debate these days is Sanseveria or Dracena trifaciata. Also, commonly called as Mother in- law’s tongue or bow string hemp.

The Snake plant is an inexpensive houseplant to start your urban gardening journey with. It is very easy to maintain (I literally mean it).It grows vertically upright and looks aesthetically clean and classy. These plants work well in the harsh summers as well as the difficult Indian winters as well.

Snake Plant is a perfect House Plant or even an Office Buddy

It is a beautiful houseplant with greenish white or yellow leaves. They can live longer and healthy without any special daily care. They give a bold and architectural look to any empty space. It is an inexpensive specie and multiplies easily. Doesn’t need too much fertilizers hence cost effective to maintain.

Easy To Take Care

A snake plant can survive in almost every condition. It does well even in a low-lit area or bright sunlight- is a flexible one! A perfect plant to start with if you are worried and haven’t ever raised one.  It’s best you give a shot at this one because who wouldn’t love and adore a green spot in a dull office or even home. So, leave all your travel issues and the fact you might forget the watering session and get a snake plant home.

Snake Plants are the prefect Air Purifiers

Studies done by NASA have shown some incredible results on how Snake plants can clean and purify the air. They found out that these plants have the capability of cleaning the air and also get rid of Benzene, trichloroethylene, xylene and toluene.

Snake Plant also cleans the air at night and emits oxygen 24 hours. Hence it gives a more productive and a healthier life.

Snake Plant used for Feng Shui

It is said that the sharp and pointed leaves of the snake plant in Feng shui symbolizes swords or protective spirits. So, the plant protects your space from negative energies and brings in more positivity. Also, believed to bring in good luck and money.


Basic Care

A Snake plant can grow and thrive in almost all kinds of soil except for the fact that water shouldn’t clog in for long. Go for a well-draining soil used for succulents and cacti.

It is very easy to water a snake plant, just be careful not to overdo it as this might cause root rot. The soil should be completely dry before the next watering session. Watering once in 2-3 weeks works perfectly well. You can place your plant in any condition and it will survive. Don’t dread going on a vacation now. Just be mindful that over watering can be an issue and is a plant killer. Repotting the plant in 2-5 years once it outgrows the pot would be needed.

Enjoy growing this green beauty and reaping abundant oxygen from it!

Happy Planting


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