Gardening—How to get started?

Green thumb… or even a black thumb. I will help you get started with your plants, to allow them to blossom to their full potential.

1. It’s a Living Being! And needs company

So, it needs all the love and care you can provide. Taking a store or nursery bought plant which you thought is pretty and will amplify the aesthetics of your space- needs as much care as a pet would.

Even better if you place your newly bought plant around the old ones or buy them in pairs- because they need companions too!Yes, plants do the talking too.


Like all living beings, plants have water requirements too. The frequency and the quantity might vary for every specie depending on the climate, area, plant type and a number of other factors. Always, ensure to ask about the water needs of the plant where you buy it from. The best way to learn is – You watch it grow! A plant will communicate its needs to you if you observe closely. Does it look healthy and happy? Does it look parched and thirsty? Are the leaves drooping or falling? Is the soil too wet and the plant too swelled up? Most of the times we end up killing our plant babies by overwatering or watering them all in the same way. Please ensure the needs of each plant- A cacti can do without water for days whereas a tropical plant needs water almost daily in summers. Observing them will do the trick.


Well you got it right! Soil is an essential growing media unless you choose the plant to grow in water. The correct soil is as important as is the watering frequency. Different plants need different composition of soil. Some do well in a soil mixture that holds water for too long while other plants like cacti and succulents need a well-draining soil (one that doesn’t hold water for too long).

A mixture of garden soil, a portion of sand and a good organic manure does good to most of the Indian native plants. Whereas a mixture of coco peat, sand, vermicompost and a part of vermiculite helps create good amount of aeration for succulents and provides enough drainage.

4. SunLight

Absolutely! We love basking in the sun on a chilly winter day. Our plants have similar needs too. Just that some like more and direct sun while others love the shade. If you have a tag that says the light requirements of the plant then good else you can always tell by the body language of the plant. But no plant can thrive and grow in the dark. It needs some amount of light, even the indoor ones! If you have a window which gets good light for the indoor plants then it’s just perfect else always good to invest in some grow lights.

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